Portable High Frequency LZ-006A Spot Remover


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This high frequency facial machine is a portable professional skin care device used to treat skin conditions like acne. It is more powerful than traditional hand-held devices but is still portable enough to move from room to room. As is true with high frequency instruments, treatment using this device is totally painless. Comes with four electrodes to treat both face and body:
Mushroom tube for broad area treatment
Tongue tube for sensitive areas, such as dark circles beneath eyes
Bend tube for spot areas
Comb tube for stimulating scalp circulation to grow new hair

How Does High Frequency Skin Treatment Work?
High frequency treatments may involve placing the electrode directly on the skin (direct high frequency) or leaving a gap between the electrode and skin (indirect high frequency).
Direct high frequency: help you to treat greasy nature skin. Direct Method fits for greasy nature skin.
Indirect high frequency: help you to treat try nature skin and aged skin. Fit for dry nature skin and aged skin.
Note:Recommend treatment: Indirect high frequency is recommend
Sparkle Method:fit for wounds, sore and inflammation. It is normal phenomenon if there are sparkles coming out when the tubes touches the skin.
The tubes will sparkle red light when you using them.
Hair Care Method:fit for stimulating the skin surface reducing folliculitis
Use effect differ because of different skin construction of everybody.


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Product Description

About the Product
  • Accelerate blood circulation, strengthen lymph activity. Kill bacteria & virus, stimulate circulation, eliminate acne & pimples
  • Designed with 4 treatment method: indirect high frequency, direct high frequency, hair care method and spark method.
  • Reduce wrinkle & fine lines, tighten skin, reduce skin irritation, improve skin texture & complexion
  • Comes with 2 piece of English Manual, will enable you how to operate it easily
  • Improve secretion and PH value. Prevent hair loss, reduce dandruff



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