Organic Ylang Ylang 10 ml


Organic Ylang Ylang

Blessed essential oils

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Product Description

Organic Ylang Ylang:  Pain relief, aphrodisiac, nerve tonic, euphoric, sedative, eases depression, eases frigidity and impotence, sexual tonic, anti-spasmodic, diabetes, arterial hypertension,

sexual weakness, frigidity, for inflammation, anti-parasite, congestion of pelvic area, all types of skin conditions, itching, scabs

Suggested Use:

SKIN CARE: acne, hair growth, insect bites, irritated and oily skin, general skin care

CIRCULATION MUSCLE and JOINTS: high blood pressure, hyperpnoea (abnormally fast breathing), tachycardia, palpitations

NERVOUS SYSTEM: depression, frigidity, impotence, insomnia, nervous tension and stress related disorders, soothes anger


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